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Production and sale of photo booths

Production and sales of photobooths and postcard kiosks.

Production and sale of photo booths. Find out what to look for when buying a photo booth.

There are more and more companies on the market that offer the production and sale of photobooths. In the era of numerous company events, proms, weddings and festivals, the photo booth is gaining popularity and gaining more and more broader markets. For this flexible hours, no boss, dynamic and interesting occupation – all this make buying or renting a photo booth a great business idea. With this investment it is worth taking care of every detail and choose the best manufacturer of a photo booth. Why is it ViewPro? We present the advantages of our offer in the form of a shopping guide, showing what to look for when planning to buy this device. This is a must-have for those who are looking for a reliable manufacturer and seller of a photo booth.

What to look for when buying a photobooth?

  • Size, mobility and ease of transport

The construction of the photo booth is thoughtfully designed from scratch in a way that allows convenient transport and assembly during events. It is 1.7 m high, and the base is a square 0.5 on 0.5 m. The housing of the device is made of metal, thanks to which the components are durable. They can easily fit into a medium-sized car. We also offer a light version made from aluminum.

  • The quality and specification of the device

We manufacture devices in the event version, which are dedicated for rent along with service or standalone free maintenance solutions with payment service. The equipment we offer is the best equipment available on the market. Our photo booths are manufactured by us based on modern digital photography techniques and digital printing using dye-sublimation technology. We use Canon DSLR cameras to acquire images. The prints are durable as from a photo studio. Canon camera, Citizen or DNP printer – this set will start every party! (Check the exact specification).

  • Payment modules

Our photo booth adopts the most common payment methods – coins and banknotes. Payment service is intuitive and convenient. We’re also working on an electronic payment.

  • Software and compatibility with external programs

Our product includes proprietary software for photo booths and postcards. It is compatible with other commonly used programs.

  • Manufacturer’s experience and reputation

We have many years of experience on the market and hundreds of events. Experience combined with the passion of photography allows us to create amazing solutions characterized by high quality and functionality.

  • Technical support, training

ViewPro offers support and training in the field of photo booth assembly, software operation, basic camera and printer operation. In addition, we offer 24/7 support so that customers during the ongoing event are not left with the problem. We never leave our customers alone with the device, even during the event!

  • Warranty and certificates

We provide our clients with 24 months full warranty on the photo booth and all its components. In European countries there is a requirement to provide equipment with relevant documents of trading admission (CE).

  • The possibility of personalization

We also offer custom-made, custom-made photo booths, where design and pricing are considered individually. By placing your company logo, you’ll take great care of PR!

  • Cost effectiveness

Both a photobooth and a postcardbooth are a great business idea, offering stable earnings.

  • Funding

We help in finding leasing and subsidies. Repayment in installments is possible without additional installment systems (companies).

  • Delivery

In the case of a purchase with shipping, the photo booth is packed on a pallet and sent with full insurance. We ship throughout Europe.

Your manufacturer of photo booths

ViewPro is a trusted and trusted manufacturer of photo booths and postcard booths. We provide our customers not only with a great product, but also versatile service. Our equipment is directed to both professionals and hobbyists. High quality materials and precision of workmanship ensure long life with professional use of equipment. It is a great investment for both those looking for a basic source of living and additional business. The production of photobooths is a challenge for us, which we, as a manufacturer, approach with commitment and attention to the smallest details.

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