Łódź Film Video Foto 2018 Trade Fair

Targi Film Video Foto

ViewPro at the Łódź Film Video Foto 2018 Trade Fair

From April 12th to 14th, 2018, the XXI Film Video Foto Trade Fair – dedicated to Photographic, Film, Audio-Video Equipment, and Multimedia Technologies – will take place. The event will be held at the well-known Expo-Łódź hall. It’s a fantastic opportunity for photography and filming enthusiasts to explore the latest offerings from manufacturers and distributors. Attendees can discover technological innovations and potentially establish fruitful business connections.

Our company will, of course, be present at this event. At our booth, we will primarily showcase Citizen brand photographic printers with various features, as well as our own-designed photo booths and modern postcard machines. Being present at industry fairs is a great opportunity to experience our company’s capabilities firsthand.

During the exhibition, visitors to the Film Video Foto Trade Fair will have the opportunity to explore our range of home and professional sublimation printers, as well as modern printing media. All interested individuals will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the operation and capabilities of our custom-made photo booths, postcard machines, and similar devices, along with the corresponding software. This is a unique opportunity to test their performance and based on that experience, decide on collaboration. Moreover, we handle everything from device design to creation and implementation. Additionally, ViewPro’s exhibition offer will include services such as franchise cooperation, long-term leasing, printer rentals, equipment design, and authorized service for Citizen photographic printers.

As a result, our solutions will undoubtedly interest professional photographers on one hand, and on the other hand, individuals with their own businesses (such as banquet halls) looking for ideas to diversify. It’s an opportunity to independently assess our capabilities and discuss proposed solutions. The exhibition space provides a conducive environment for those seeking the most modern solutions in the field of Photo-Video. Therefore, we hope for the attendance of all individuals interested in this topic and, of course, our proposals.

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