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A good business idea? We have a perfect offer for you.

Many people dream about their own company and do not know what business idea would be the best. Dynamic and interesting work, flexible hours, no boss or holidays when the heart desires undoubtedly affect the imagination. On the other hand, running your own business is the meanders of business knowledge, which for many people associate with secret teachings.

Meanwhile, the truth is that often a good idea, willingness to learn and possessing capital (not necessarily financial) are necessary to run your own business. If it turns out that we are able to turn this idea into real money, then running the company will not be the slightest problem. Since the most important idea is a business idea, it is best to use one that is reliable and proven by others. Thanks to that we have a guarantee that it will bring profit. So if you are looking for your own place in business, and don’t have too many funds for investments, it is worth taking a closer look at the possibilities of the photo booth and postcard booth.

The photo booth and postcard booth is a high-quality product with original software with exceptional posibilities. Photobooth is a portable photo studio that immediately prints photos, which makes it an excellent attraction at every party. The fun is to take pictures in fun gadgets with lots of fun. After just a few seconds, you will be able to print memorial photos that will remind you of great fun for many years! Thanks to our software, users can send their photographs to the post, Facebook, Twitter, which is a huge advantage in the era of high popularity of social media. An undoubted advantage is the variety of events, during which the photo booth is perfect – wedding parties, proms, baptisms, company or special events. In addition, we offer a post office which works perfectly in city premises with garden or tourist inns with beautiful views.

Is it a business you can support yourself or rather treat it as an idea for an additional business?

It depends on the recipient – both photobooth and postcardbooth can be a way to earn a full-time salary as well as an independent business. It all depends on the number of devices. The cost of buying one photobooth is 6,000. PLN net for the event version and 8,000 PLN net for the vending version. In the case of postcardbooth, the price for the device is PLN 9000 net, and the monthly subscription for each machine is PLN 100. Who can become a brand franchisee?

– We have no special requirements for our franchisees. The most important thing is that they are communicative people and have the easiness to establish cooperation with owners and managers of gastronomic establishments where weddings and occasional parties are held – says Tomasz Mróz, co-owner of the ViewPro sc company

The basic requirements of a franchisee when establishing cooperation are primarily personal commitment and readiness to work on one’s own account. Cooperation is not time limited, and the minimum duration of the contract is 2 years. The hottest period for photobooth franchisees falls on the months from June to October, during which many weddings take place. St. Andrew’s Day, New Year’s Eve and the period of proms is the time when the franchisees of the brand do not complain about the lack of orders.

This business can be treated as additional. However, if someone would like to make more profits from it, then – according to the licensor – should invest at least in 5-10 photobooths. The franchiser’s calculations show that the annual profit from one booth is more or less 6,000. PLN (assuming that it will make 2.4 thousand photos). It’s easy to count, with a few photobooths you can quickly multiply the profit! One photo taken in a photo booth costs 5 zlotys so you can calculate that with 200 photos per month it gives the amount of 1000 zlotys revenue.

ViewPro in the Vending version also offers a postcardbooth. It’s a fresh business idea, offering new opportunities. Equally easy to use as a photo booth, but printing photographs in the form of postcards, it is dedicated mainly to franchisees who focus on the tourist market. The postcardbooth will make the restaurant with a garden in the city center or a historic inn more attractive and will invite guests to immortalize their memories.

Vending or event version?

This business idea offers two solutions. In the franchise model, we can choose a photobooth in an event or vending version. What is the vending version? This device is equipped with a convenient and intuitive payment system, where users decide how much time they will play.

The franchisee’s work time when handling one vending photo booth takes up to a few hours a month. – Thanks to that, it can manage up to 20-30 booths simultaneously – says Tomasz Mróz.

The second variant is an event box. Then we do not put the machine in one place, but we go with it after various events: weddings, fairs, special events, etc. The event version, on the other hand, includes the entire photo-camera package with the service guaranteeing great fun at the prom or christening party for a certain period of time.

Where to put the machine?

According to ViewPro wedding houses are the best, or places where parties are often organized. The device stays there all the time and guests can use it at any time. It is a great attraction for corporate parties or christenings. In the vending solution, the user has no time limit while the event booths provide their services within a certain range of hours.

Above all, it’s worth focusing on finding a good place that guarantees a minimum of 200-250 photos a month – emphasizes the franchiser. – If after a few months this level is not reached, it is better to look for a different place. The franchisee searches for the location himself. It settles with premises on a commission basis, which is 10-15 % per month depending on your income.

ViewPro helps novice users

You are not sure if you can handle the potential of a photo booth, postcardbooth? Do not worry – the company offers extensive support for the franchisee:

  • know-how on how to acquire customers,
  • technical support,
  • quick repair in case of failure,
  • advertising and promotional support,
  • as well as business consulting.

An undoubted advantage of the photo booth is a quick return on investment (with a good location returns after 6 months!) And the effect of scale thanks to the possibility of having many points. The photo booth is 1.7 m high, in the base is a square 0.5 to 0.5 m, thanks to which it will also work on limited space. ViewPro has 11 own units and 3 franchise units.

Is it worth it?

Photobooth is a great way to earn for a living. The main advantages of this solution are:

  • low capital contribution
  • Ease of use
  • big profit with low work and finances

You can put it in the wedding house or hotel, where often parties take place, or simply rent for various events. Thanks to these possibilities, cooperation with ViewPro is a great business idea. Start earning today and contact us!

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