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Finding an Alternative to the Mitsubishi CP9600DW? Discover Why Citizen CX-02 is the Perfect Choice


If the Mitsubishi CP9600DW is on your potential purchase list for your photo studio or event business, we have news for you. A new leader has emerged in the world of photo printers – the Citizen CX-02, which easily takes the baton from the CP9600DW model. Why is the CX-02 a printer worth paying attention to? Allow me to present you with several compelling arguments.

Printing Technology and Image Quality

The Mitsubishi CP9600DW was praised for its print quality, but the CX-02 raises the bar even higher. Utilizing cutting-edge dye-sublimation technology, the CX-02 delivers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and unmatched detail sharpness on every print.

Print Speed

In today’s fast-paced environment, time is money. The CX-02 meets the expectations of the busiest professionals by offering a print speed that significantly exceeds that of the CP9600DW, allowing for more efficient work.

Media Versatility

Compared to the CP9600DW, the CX-02 supports a wider range of printing media, giving users greater flexibility in choosing formats and paper types. This opens up new possibilities for creativity and tailoring offerings to individual customer needs.

Ease of Use and Reliability

The Citizen CX-02 stands out for its intuitive interface and ease of maintenance, making both daily use and long-term upkeep hassle-free. The reliability of this model is another advantage that speaks in its favor compared to the CP9600DW.


Choosing the Citizen CX-02 as an alternative to the Mitsubishi CP9600DW is a step towards modernity, quality, and efficiency. Whether you are a professional photographer or need a reliable printer for home use, the CX-02 will provide you with prints that impress with their quality. We invite you to explore the Citizen CX-02 offering and join the satisfied users who have already made the best alternative choice for the Mitsubishi CP9600DW on the market.

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