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The end of the Mitsubishi CP9800DW era: Welcome to the new era of printing with the Citizen CX-02.


In the world of professional photography, where every detail matters and the quality of printed photos can determine success, technology constantly evolves to meet growing expectations. However, every era must eventually come to an end to make way for the new. This is exactly what happened with the legendary Mitsubishi CP9800DW printer, which for years has been a reliable partner for photographers, photography studios, photobooth manufacturers, and photo kiosks. Today, with undisguised interest, we welcome its worthy successor onto the stage – the Citizen CX-02 printer.

Discussion of printers:

The Mitsubishi CP9800DW, with its unparalleled print quality and performance, has long been the guardian of professional image for many brands. However, progress does not stand still, and the needs of the photography market are growing. Enter the Citizen CX-02 – a symbol of innovation and technological leadership. This compact yet powerful printer not only matches but in many aspects surpasses its predecessor, offering even better print quality, greater efficiency, and adaptation to modern ecological requirements.

Comparison with distinction highlighting the CX-02 printer:

FeatureMitsubishi CP9800DWCitizen CX-02
Rozdzielczość druku300 dpi300 dpi
Printing speed1 photo/8s1 photo/8s
Cost per photoHigherLower
Supported media formatsLimited
3.5×5″, 4×6″, 5×7″, and 6×9″
L: 89×127mm (3.5”×5”)
PC: 101×152mm (4”×6”)
5”×5”: 127×127mm (5”×5”)
2L: 127×178mm (5”×7”)
6”×6”: 152×152mm (6”×6”)
2PC: 152×203mm (6”×8”)
Additionally, there is the possibility of panoramic prints
152×406mm (6”×16”)
152×609mm (6”×24”)
Print finishingGlossyMatte / Semi-matte / Glossy
Print durabilityHighVery high
Ecological functionsNoneAdvanced

As seen, the CX-02 not only matches its predecessor in terms of print quality and speed but also stands out with lower operating costs, broader media format support, greater print durability, and advanced ecological features. It represents a step forward towards a more sustainable, economical, and versatile printing solution for the photography industry.

Are you ready to welcome a new era in photographic printing with the Citizen CX-02? Discover firsthand how this innovative model can revolutionize your photography business. Visit ViewPro to learn more details and take advantage of the special offer prepared specifically for our readers. Don’t miss the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies – your photography studio deserves the best solutions.

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