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Which photo printer should you buy? Citizen printer ranking.

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In the digital age, photographs have become an integral part of our lives. Capturing important moments, from family gatherings to spectacular events and travels, gives us the opportunity to preserve memories for years to come. In a world where almost any moment can be instantly captured and shared online, the value of high-quality photo printing has increased significantly. Thanks to them, we can not only enjoy digital images, but also physical souvenirs that will stand the test of time.

Among manufacturers specializing in printing technology, Citizen stands out as a leader in innovation and reliability. With extensive experience in creating photo printers, Citizen offers devices using advanced dye sublimation technology. This brand’s printers are valued for their ability to reproduce vivid colors, durability of prints and speed of operation, which makes them an ideal choice for professionals who want to provide their clients with the highest quality images.


The power of sublimation technology


Dye-sublimation technology is an innovative printing method that has revolutionized the way we create and preserve photographs. Unlike traditional techniques such as inkjet or laser printing, dye sublimation transfers the dye from the foil directly to the paper using a thermal process. This method produces exceptionally vivid, detailed and durable images that are resistant to fading, smudges and water.

Advantages of sublimation technology:


Exceptional image quality: Thanks to the precise application of dye, dye-sublimation printing provides incredible color depth and sharpness of details. The photos are characterized by clear and vivid colors, which is especially important in professional photography.

Durability: Dye-sublimation prints are extremely resistant to external factors, including sunlight and moisture. After applying the dyes, printers apply an additional protective layer with a UV filter to the photo. Thanks to this, the photographs retain their quality for decades, becoming lasting souvenirs.

Format versatility: One of the key advantages of the dye sublimation technology used in Citizen printers is its ability to handle many different print formats. Although these printers require the use of dedicated paper, they offer a wide range of sizes and types of photo paper to suit the specific needs of each project and event.


Citizen printers and dye-sublimation technology:


Citizen, recognizing the potential and advantages of dye sublimation technology, has developed a series of photo printers that are an ideal solution for various industries. Thanks to high-quality workmanship, reliability and ease of use, Citizen printers have become the choice of professionals around the world.


For the entertainment industry and theme parks: Models like the CZ-01 and CX-02 provide fast and efficient on-site printing, allowing visitors to take home unique souvenirs.

For photo booths and events: The CY-02 and CZ-01 printers easily handle heavy workloads, offering users instant gratification in the form of high-quality photos.

For panoramic and artistic photography: The CX-02W and CY-02 models allow you to create wide-format prints, ideal for presenting landscapes or architecture.

For home photography: The CZ-01 printer from Citizen is an excellent choice for home photography enthusiasts who are looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful device. This compact model is perfect for the comfort of your home, allowing you to quickly print photos from family gatherings, holidays or everyday moments that you want to keep for a long time.

For photo kiosks: Citizen’s CX-02 printer fits perfectly into the needs of modern photo kiosks, offering both the speed and versatility needed to handle a variety of printing jobs. It is particularly appreciated for its ability to produce photo prints for biometric documents, which require not only precise reproduction of details, but also meeting rigorous quality standards.

Dye-sublimation technology combined with Citizen printers opens new horizons for the photography industry, enabling the creation of prints of incomparable quality and durability. Whether it’s quick prints for an event or long-lasting images for a gallery, Citizen printers provide solutions that meet the highest standards of professional photography.


Seasonal trends and popular print formats


Seasonal trends have a significant impact on the photography industry, shaping demand for specific printing services. Periods such as holidays, wedding season, or the beginning of the school year are times when interest in personalized photo prints increases. Citizen photo printers, thanks to their flexibility and high quality prints, can meet these seasonal trends, offering customers products that will please the eye and the heart.

How trends influence demand:

Holidays: At this time, Christmas cards with individual photos, New Year calendars with family photos, and personalized gifts such as framed photos become popular.

Weddings: The wedding season brings demand for high-quality wedding photo prints, albums and thank you notes for guests with personalized photos.

School Year: School portraits and graduation photos are another example of a seasonal increase in interest in professional prints.


Popular printing formats:


Citizen printers are designed to adapt to various needs and market trends. Here are some popular printing formats that are often chosen by customers:

Standard formats (10×15 cm, 13×18 cm): Perfect for photo albums, Christmas cards or invitations.

Large formats (20×25 cm, 20×30 cm): Used in wedding and portrait photography, perfect for prints that are to be displayed on walls.

Non-standard formats: Printers such as the CX-02 offer the ability to print photos for biometric documents, which is an example of meeting specific market requirements.

Panoramic photos: The CX-02W and CY-02 models allow you to create wide-format prints, ideal for landscapes and architectural photos.

Thanks to the ability to adjust print settings and use various media, Citizen printers are able to meet the expectations of customers looking for the highest quality prints, regardless of prevailing trends and preferences.


Variety of print finishes:


The dye sublimation technology used in Citizen printers offers not only media versatility, but also exceptional flexibility in terms of finishing prints. Without having to replace the paper, users can choose between different finishes to suit individual preferences or project requirements. Here’s how each model handles this functionality:

Citizen CX-02W: Users can choose between glossy (Glossy), matte (Matte) and semi-matte (Luster) finishes, which allows them to achieve the desired effect depending on the nature of the photo or project.

Citizen CX-02: This printer features the widest range of available finishes: Glossy, Matte, Luster and Fine Matte, offering users unparalleled flexibility in adapting prints to specific requirements.

Citizen CZ-01: This model offers Glossy and Matte finishes, making it perfect for applications where it is crucial to quickly adapt to customer needs without changing media.

Citizen CY-02: This model offers Glossy and Matte finish options, ideal for applications requiring high-quality prints with the ability to quickly customize aesthetics.

With the ability to choose a finish without having to change paper, Citizen printers enable their users to achieve optimal visual effects, maximizing work efficiency and customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether the goal is to achieve a deep shine or a subtle matte finish, Citizen printers offer solutions that meet the expectations of the most demanding professionals.


Citizen photo printers ranking

Number 1: Citizen CX-02W

Model details: CX-02W is a unique model in the Citizen offer, offering the possibility of printing in a wide format. This is the perfect tool for professionals who need more flexibility when creating panoramic photos or large prints.
Unique features: The ability to print in 8x10" and 8x12" formats and the gray calibration option provide exceptional control over image quality and detail.
Applications: Perfect for landscape photographers, photography studios specializing in large prints and artists looking for the highest quality presentation of their work.

CX-02W Printer – A4 Photo Printing


Discover the efficiency and print quality with the new CX-02W printer from Citizen. This innovative photo printer offers A4 size prints, impressing both professionals and photography enthusiasts. Thanks to advanced printing technology, the CX-02W ensures sharp, vibrant colors and excellent detail reproduction, making it the perfect choice for anyone who values high-quality photographic prints.

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Number 2: Citizen CX-02

Description: CX-02 is a versatile sublimation printer that has gained popularity thanks to its reliability and print quality.

Advantages: High printing resolution, speed of work and ease of use make it an ideal tool for professionals.

Who is it the best choice: Perfect for event and wedding photographers, photo kiosk operators and small photo laboratories looking for a universal solution for various tasks.

Citizen CX-02 Dye-Sublimation Printer

  • Print Format: 5×1 / 5×3 / 5×7 / 5×15 / 5×23
  • Capability to print 3×5 photos using 5×7 media
  • Printing of panoramic photos in 5×15 and 5×23
  • Finish: Matte / Glossy / Semi-matte (Luster)
  • Sleep mode
  • Ultra-light and compact
  • Warranty: 24 months / 40,000 prints
  • Compatibility with OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 and Mac OS X
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Number 3: Citizen CY-02

Characteristics: CY-02 stands out for its large media capacity and ease of replacement, making it an ideal choice for places with high work intensity. Perfect use: Perfect for amusement parks, photo booths, large events and wherever fast and continuous production of high-quality prints is required. Benefits: Less need to frequently replace media allows you to focus on working with the client, increasing operational efficiency.

Citizen CY-02 Dye-Sublimation Printer

Original price was: €865.00.Current price is: €750.00.
  • Print size: 4×6” / 6×8”
  • Printout: up to 700 prints per roll (4×6”) / up to 350 prints per roll (6×8”)
  • Finish: matte/gloss
  • Easy configuration and media changing
  • 2-year warranty / 40 000 printouts guaranteed
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Number 4: Citizen CZ-01

Advantages: Compact size and easy transport make the CZ-01 an ideal mobile solution. High quality prints combined with simplicity of use make it an attractive option for a wide range of users. Application: Perfect for home photography, small businesses and as an addition to mobile photography services at events or photo booths. Who will benefit from choosing this model: Photography enthusiasts who value the ability to quickly print high-quality photos at home or on the go, as well as professionals offering mobile photography services.

Citizen CZ-01 dye sublimation printer

  • Print format: 4,5×8″, 4,5×4,5″, 4×6″, 4×4″
  • Print efficiency: up to 110-150 per rol (depending on the size of the print)
  • Work speed: 16 ~ 23 seconds (depending on the size of the print)
  • Finish: matte / partly matte / glossy
  • Resolution: 300dpi / 600dpi
  • Dimensions: 208 x 240 x 198 [mm]
  • Print media: need to be purchased separately
  • Exhibition printer (approx. 100 prints)
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Choosing the right photo printer is a key element that affects the quality of services offered by professionals in the photography industry. Citizen printers, thanks to the use of advanced dye sublimation technology, offer not only exceptional image quality and durability of prints, but also versatility and flexibility in adapting to the various needs and expectations of customers. From printing photos for biometric documents, through artistic prints, to quick photos from photo booths or events - models such as CX-02W, CX-02, CY-02, and CZ-01 provide solutions that can significantly increase the level of services provided. The variety of finishes offered by Citizen printers allows for even greater personalization of the final product. The ability to choose between a glossy, matte, semi-matt or very matte finish without having to change media is an advantage that allows professionals to adapt to the individual preferences of each client, while ensuring work efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the production process. We encourage you to make a thoughtful choice of a printer from the Citizen offer, taking into account not only the technical specifications and functionalities, but also the future needs and direction of development of your photography business. Investing in the right printer model is not only the purchase of a device, but above all an investment in the quality and satisfaction of your customers, which translates into building a strong brand and position on the market. Let each choice of equipment be conscious and tailored to the unique requirements of your photography practice, so that each print is not only a reflection of the beauty of the captured moment, but also a testimony to the professionalism and passion with which you approach your work.

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