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Going modern: Why the Citizen CX-02 is the perfect alternative to the Mitsubishi CP9550DW

Smart CX02

With Mitsubishi withdrawing from the production of photo printers, users looking for a proven and reliable alternative to the CP9550DW face a challenge. In this situation, our proposal, the Citizen CX-02 printer, appears to be an excellent solution that combines advanced technology and high quality prints, meeting the expectations of the most demanding professionals and photography enthusiasts. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer on the website, where we present the details and advantages of the CX-02 printer, which is an ideal alternative to the CP9550DW model.

Mitsubishi CP9550DW Review

The Mitsubishi CP9550DW printer was appreciated for its fast printing and durability of prints. Its reliability and image quality have made it a popular choice among professionals.

Why is it worth looking for an alternative?

The withdrawal of Mitsubishi from the photographic printer market results in limited availability of devices and consumables, necessitating the search for new, technologically advanced solutions.

Presenting an alternative – The CX-02 photographic printer by Citizen.

The Citizen CX-02 offers flexibility in print format selection, ease of use, and exceptional finishes, such as glossy and matte. Moreover, with its enhanced printer driver and ribbon rewind feature, the CX-02 reduces media wastage, making it an economical choice for any photography studio.

Comparison of Specifications

  • Print sizes: The CX-02 supports a wider variety of formats, allowing for greater flexibility in your projects.
  • Dimensions and weight: The CX-02 is more compact and lighter, making it easier to transport and install in a variety of work environments.
  • Finishes: The CX-02 offers both glossy and matte finishes, while the CP9550DW was limited to one type of finish.


The Citizen CX-02 represents a new era in photographic printing, offering advanced features, flexibility, and excellent print quality. It is the perfect alternative for Mitsubishi CP9550DW users seeking not only a replacement but also an enhancement to their printing capabilities.

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