photo booth software for free

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Last version 3.3.1
Free sofrtware is only for custemers who bougth Citizen printer and media from us.

Available on backorder


Photo booth software is definitely one of the best solutions dedicated to companies involved in the photo booths produktom and peope who have photo booths.

Key features of the photo booth software include:

Mode 1

  • very easy to use
  • multilanguage

Photo Booth Software Mode 3  Photo Booth Software Mode 2  Photo Booth Software Mode 1

  • 3 modes with different types of pictures
  • preview while taking photo
  • customizable times for photos
  • choice of graphic filters
  • choice of number of prints (after proper configuration, you can change these options)
  • verification of communication with the printer and state media F2
  • easy photo personalization by text using F3
  • the possibility of repeating images
  • personalization of photos, the ability to save the original photo and print a personalized

Additional options after the consultation:

  • service payment (coins, banknotes)
  • promotional tokens
  • print reports with the settlement of cash F1
  • reporting on e-mail information on the state of photobooth:
    • money status
    • the number of pictures remaining on the roll
    • communication problems with connected devices
    • alarms with a small amount of print media (configurable amount)
    • start Up
    • daily report of settlement
    • used a promotional token along with e-mail
  • the ability to download photos on the phone immediately after shooting
  • send picture by e-mail
  • configurable contents of the last screen and the ability to enable / disable and time control

Starting the program:

  • File SesjaParty.exe the main program and is sufficient for basic operation.
  • File Fotillo.exe program support. It is responsible for the main program to run all the time and he was on top. Additionally available to send photos and reports.
  • Start.bat file is a simple foo closing explorer, so that the program is only visible application on the screen.

The photo booth software works with :

  • Canon 1100D, 1200D, 1300D camera
  • dye sublimation printer Citizen CY or DNP DS-RX1 and DNP DS-RX1 HS
  • coin acceptor Comestero RM5 and RM5-HD
  • banknote reader Innovative Technology NV10 USB

Hardware requirements:

  • not so high
  • Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • full functionality you need an Internet connection
  • The printer must be set as the default on USB001 port

All of these functions are available for the device after entering a code. People who bought Citizen printer from us can have the software for free. All activation codes will be generate when you buy media box from us.

If you have different printer you can buy our Fotillo software. Each subsequent 700 images is the amount of 15 Euro gross. For vending the price is 21 Euro gross.


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