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DICOM Medical Image Viewer – Technology that works for you

No one needs to explain to anyone how important it is for a doctor to be able to view X-ray or other imaging test images like CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc. Images on films are slowly becoming relics. Results of imaging tests are increasingly available in digital form – on CD-ROMs or in the hospital’s computer network. Therefore, a necessary tool for a doctor’s work is a program that allows viewing such images – in the hospital ward, in the clinic, or in a private practice. A DICOM Medical Image Viewer is such a solution.

RSR2 is a program designed to handle radiology laboratories in terms of transmitting, storing, and sharing radiological images. RSR2 is a medical image viewer, particularly for images generated by diagnostic devices such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, digital radiography devices, ultrasonography, vascular examination devices, etc. The program operates on images transmitted in the DICOM standard.

Functional Diagnostic Solution


Images viewed through the RSR2 program can be sourced from the hospital’s PACS network or read from an external media such as CD/DVD, USB drive, shared network disk, etc. In most cases, images are stored in a local archive and opened from there. This means that the images are saved on the local disk, and their location is recorded in the RSR2 program’s database for easy retrieval. Images (studies) stored in the local archive can be burned onto CD/DVD.

What sets RSR2 apart from free viewers?

Firstly, RSR2 seamlessly integrates with any device capable of saving images in DICOM format. The viewer allows for image transfer from the program to medical printers or Citizen brand photographic printers. In situations where such devices are not available in the clinic, it’s possible to save the image to a PDF file or print it on any printer. Additionally, the progressive image display significantly facilitates outsourcing of examination descriptions, known as teleradiology.

This technology provides tailor-made solutions.

A Polish program produced by a Polish company, with individuals installing and servicing IT systems and equipment in Polish hospitals and clinics for over a decade. All menu elements, user manuals, as well as technical support, are available in Polish.

  • The RSR2 program is continuously developed, with subsequent versions incorporating user feedback and new elements of the DICOM standard.
  • Registered users receive free program updates.
  • RSR2 runs on any “modern” PC-class computer with the Windows operating system.
  • RSR2 can cooperate with professional medical monitors.

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