ccTalk protocol in coin acceptors

protokół ccTalk


A coin acceptor is a device used for accepting payments for goods or services. It is commonly used in gaming equipment, vending machines, and automatic cash registers. ccTalk protocols are among the most popular protocols used in coin acceptors. In this article, we will discuss what ccTalk protocols are, how they work, and what advantages they offer.

What is the ccTalk protocol?

ccTalk protocols are communication protocols used in coin acceptors. They are used to transmit information between the coin acceptor and a higher-level device, such as a payment system or control unit. ccTalk protocols were created by Coin Controls and later made publicly available.

How does the ccTalk protocol work?

ccTalk protocols use a serial interface for communication between the coin acceptor and the higher-level device. Communication between these two devices is achieved through the exchange of messages. Each message contains specific information, such as the message type, device identifier, and transaction data.

ccTalk protocols enable the transmission of various types of information, such as requesting status, querying the number of coins or tokens accepted by the coin acceptor, inquiring about the reasons for a fault, or reporting statistical data.

Products with the capability for communication using the ccTalk protocol

Advantages of ccTalk protocols

ccTalk protocols have several advantages that make them a popular choice in coin acceptors. Here are some of these advantages:


ccTalk protocols are used in many different types of coin and token acceptors, making them universal and easy to use.


ccTalk protocols are open protocols, meaning they are publicly available. Anyone can access their specifications and use them in their projects.


ccTalk protocols provide secure and fast communication between the coin acceptor and the higher-level device.

Fotillo programs utilizing communication via the ccTalk protocol


ccTalk protocols are popular communication protocols used in coin acceptors. They are universal, easy to use, open, and provide secure communication between devices. Due to these advantages, ccTalk protocols are frequently employed in coin and token acceptors, as well as other automatic devices.

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