Postcard machine

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  • Screen: 10 “(bigger screens available on request)
  • Compatibility with reflex cameras: most models can be installed
  • Mounting: post or tripod
  • Other colors: from the RAL palette, on request
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Why choose PostCard Machine

PostCard Machine is designed in such a way that it requires a minimum service from the users, it is failure-free, and it brings profits.

PostCard Machine is a perfect solution for those who run a business in a place which is frequently visited by tourists. Our device can significantly increase your income, all you need to do is expose the device properly. The exploitation cost is only 50 grosz per postcard print.


PostCard Machine is a great way to increase your income. We are the producers of the device and its software.

The examples of location and use

  • PostCard Machine on passenger ferries. 360 people a day may not seem many, but keep in mind that they have a lot of free time and a limited number of attractions. If a quarter of the passengers decides to take a photo postcard, which costs 5 zloty, a month income is 11700 zloty.
  • PostCard Machine in a pedestrian area in a winter resort. Such a location is just perfect as a long season matters too. Even though there is a number of other attractions, PostCard Machine is still a wonderful idea. The income will depend on the exposition of the device. However, if 30 people a day decide to take a photo, it will give the income of approximately 4500 zloty.
  • PostCard Machine in a food truck. It is a great idea if a food business aims at tourist destinations. PostCard Machine will attract both the food truck customers and the passers-by. If only twenty people a day decide to take a photo, it will bring a month income of 3000 zloty.

The income which you get from PostCard Machine or other automatic vending machines is settled according to the declared revenue. Because of that we are exempted from the obligation to prepare cash reports.

PostCard Machine is also a wonderful advertising tool. As the owner of the device, you can insert any graphic element or photo into a postcard pattern.


The best memories from your journeys relate to the places you visit and the people you spend your time with. PostCard Machine offers plenty of possibilities to share the memories from your trip with other people.

For only a small charge, the guests and tourists get a photographic souvenir, which perfectly connects with the place they have just visited. What’s more, they are its main heroes.

Our PostCard Machines are high quality devices, created for a continuous, failure-free use in all the conditions.

Postcard Machine creates a photo, which is then inserted into a postcard pattern. The choice of a pattern is one of the elements of personalization. Our aim was to give our users the possibility of adjusting the postcard to their needs as much as it’s possible. What’s more, you can install the unlimited number of patterns in our postcard machines. There are four standard patterns, which reflect the character of a place or region. Additionally, our devices will be supported by seasonal patterns, for example for Christmas. Depending on the needs, we will prepare the postcard patterns for other holidays too.


The outdoor option of our PostCard Machines will handle the outdoor exploitation. The device is now well-prepared for the all-year outdoor use in various weather conditions. It is equipped with heating and cooling systems. Also, the case has a thermal insulation. Now you can enjoy the postcards all-year round.



PostCard Machine offers you high quality photos thanks to Canon 1300D camera with Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS STM lens. We use thermo sublimation printers Citizen CY for the best quality and durability of our postcards. Our printers need only fifteen seconds to create a postcard!

PostCard Machines Properties

  • Fast postcard print, 15 seconds per copy
  • The possibility of printing a lot of copies
  • Coins and banknotes payment options
  • Downloading a postcard with the help of QR code
  • Sending a postcard to an e-mail address
  • Sharing the postcards on social networking sites
  • Adding extra text to a postcard in a package mode
  • Adding any graphic element, including an advert, to a postcard pattern
  • Possibility of adding a number of different patterns
  • Extra seasonal and holiday patterns
  • Special type of the device, adapted to the outdoor use
  • Intuitive menu

Once a postcard is ready, it can be printed, sent by a text message or to an e-mail address, and we still offer you more. You may also download the photo to your phone or share it on social networking sites. It gives you plenty of possibilities to share the most beautiful moments from your trips with other people.

It’s up to you how you will make the use of the countless opportunities that PostCard Machine offers you.

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