DNP DS620 Dye-Sublimation Printer

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  • Print format: 2×6″, 3.5×5″, 4×6″, 5×7″, 6×8″ and 6×9
  • Print speed: up to 400 per roll (4×6″) / up to 230 per roll (5×7″) / up to 200 per roll (6×8″) / up to 180 per roll (6×9″)
  • Finish: shiny / matt
  • Front paper and film load
  • Film rewinding function
  • Warranty: 24 months or 100 000 prints 10x15cm
  • Print media: need to be purchased separately

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DNP DS620 thermosublimation printer is a true gem among all devices on the market. It guarantees unquestionable print quality thanks to the even better head compared to the older model – DS60. This model is also much more efficient than its predecessor and is able to print over 30 prints more per hour – it also saves energy and wear of the head itself. The device does not require installing additional software, when you need information about the number of printed photos or other information related to the printer – everything is saved directly in the printer driver. The model has a film scrolling module that allows you to print many formats from one set of film and photo paper in various formats without having to change the loading and storage of many media packages in different formats. The DS620 printer is also energy-saving – a perfectly programmed Standby mode ensures minimal power consumption and very quick preparation for work.


The device connects to the computer via the USB 2.0 interface and works with all popular versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It supports many printing formats: 2×6″, 3.5×5″, 4×6″, 5×7″, 6×8″ and 6×9″.  You can make from 180 up to 230 prints with one roll, depending on the format. Media needs to be purchased separately – they are available in our online store. The manufacturer provides a 2 year warranty or 100,000 prints in 4×6″ format – whichever comes first.



DNP DS620 can be successfully used in:

  • Photo booths,
  • Photographic points/ retail kiosks,
  • Medicine,
  • Stomatology,
  • Home office.


View Pro company offers rental of Citizen or DNP equipment for people who are not familiar with those printers and would like to check them out. Should you go for it – please get in touch with us; we will offer you 24-hour rental system with fair prices.

For those interested we will deliver sample products proving the quality of our devices.



  • Model: DP-DS620
  • Print resolution: 300x300dpi (High speed mode) / 600x600dpi (High quality mode)
  • Print format: 2×6″, 3.5×5″, 4×6″, 5×7″, 6×8″, 6×9
  • Print speed:
    • up to 400 per roll (4×6″)
    • up to 230 per roll (5×7″)
    • up to 200 per roll (6×8″)
    • up to 180 per roll (6×9″)
  • Media used: roll paper (without core)
  • Front paper and film load
  • Film rewinding function
  • Working speed (300x300dpi, shiny):
    • 8.9 seconds (4×6″/ 5×7″ format)
    • 17.2 seconds (6×8″/ 6×9″ format)
  • Finish: shiny / matt
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Memory buffer: 64 MB
  • Working with OS: Windows Vista / 7/8/10 and Mac OS-X 10.9.5, 10.10 – 10.12
  • Power consumption:
    • printing: 1.6A (240V, 50 / 60Hz)
    • Standby mode: 0.14A (240V, 50 / 60Hz)
  • Weight: 12 kg.
  • Dimensions: 275 x 366 x 170 [mm]
  • Warranty: 24 months or 100,000 prints 10x15cm
  • Switch at the front of the printer
  • Print media: need to be purchased separately


We are a recognised distributor of DNP where we provide fast and efficient service and replacement printers for our customers for the time of repair work.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg



W 322 x L 351 x H 281 mm


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